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The term “Closed Circuit Television” (CCTV) has served the security industry well for many years.  With the rapid changes in technologies, we
no longer work with “closed” systems.  The more inclusive title “Video Security Systems” (VSS) is gradually replacing CCTV.
TENNESSEE 1) NBFAA Level I Equivalent training, 2) Qualifying Agent initial application, 3) 16 (CEU’s)
Other  states pending
About the Instructor
Howard Kohnstamm got his start in CCTV distribution in 1988 after a 20-year career in accounting.  He discovered that most of his customers were self-taught or only received informal on the job training. There was a lack of formal CCTV training so he asked a lot of questions and did a lot of research.  What started out as an after lunch talk on common mistakes has evolved into a 16-hour course. Since 1991, Howard has successfully trained individuals with as little as two weeks to over thirty-seven years of experience. He has a knack for explaining technical subjects in a non-technical manner while challenging all to gain the understanding of the proper how’s and why’s.

Howard has been an active committee participant since the idea of CCTV certification was initiated by the Security Industry Association (SIA) many years ago.  He was one of nine subject matter experts (SME) who developed the VSS practice analysis for the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET).

Kohnstamm is the co-author and editor of the SIA’s Study Guide for NICET Video Security Systems Technician Level I Certification. He has the distinction of being one of the first to have taken and passed all six NICET VSS exams.
Video Security Sysems (CCTV ) Essentials’  goal is to provide a balance of theory and practical application that will aid in the proper design and installation of  VSS / CCTV systems.

We take highly technical subjects and demystify them by using animations, video clips, live demonstrations and hands-on exercises so that the average installer or salesperson will have no problem absorbing them.

By examining each topic in a logical order, building on our knowledge as we go, we include topics such as the elements that make up a video signal, how light and lenses work and the various cabling and communication options that are available.  We visit the world of TCP/IP and explain the basic of networking as it relates to Video Security Systems.  We review the tools needed to do the job properly and the portions of the NEC and OSHA that are relevant to our trade.  We examine the elements that allow us to design, sell, install, test, commission, train and trouble-shoot a complete system in a safe and professional manner

Each person will have the opportunity to properly back-focus and focus lenses, attach BNC and RJ45 connectors,  port-forward a router,  participate in designing typical systems, use specialized meters and tools, learn tricks of the trade and share useful experiences with the instructor and others in the class.

The class is also a good review for those testing for NICET Level I and Level II Video Security Systems Technician or Level I Video Security Systems Designer certification.

Many experienced people have been shown “how” but never taught “why.”  Often the “how” is incorrect. We try to cover the “how’s” and “why’s” in a manner that is meaningful to people at all levels of experience.
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