NICET VSS (Video Security Systems) Overview
The term CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is becoming obsolete as the boundaries of camera systems are no longer limited to the length of the attached cables.  Networking and the internet have “opened” the systems.   A new term must be used to describe what we do - “Video Security Systems”

This rapid growth in technology has affected the way the educational pipeline attracts and trains engineering technologists and technicians.

It has taken many years of working with a wide range of interests and experts from hundreds of companies in the video security systems industry.  NICET has completed two new programs that will bring recognition to those who design and/or install video security systems: VSST (Video Security Systems Technicians) and VSSD (Video Security Systems Designers)   Click here for more information.

While NICET is not the trainer or educator, they are a source of content outlines and job task descriptions used by corporations, educational institutions and private training companies to respond to the increased demand for highly skilled workers and people who want to make a career within an entire range of video security systems, including Basic Systems (type A) Interfaced Systems (type B,) and Integrated Systems (type C).
Video Security Systems (CCTV) Essentials’ goal is to provide a balance of theory and application that will aid in the design and installation of CCTV / VSS systems. It is also a good review for those testing for NICET Level I and Level II Video Security Systems Technician or basic level Video Security Systems Designer.

For  more information: www.nicet.org