TN Qualifying Agents
The state defines a Designated Qualifying Agent as an individual qualified to oversee and supervise alarm systems contractor operations including offers to sell, install, service or monitor alarm systems, signal devices, fire alarms, burglar alarms, television cameras or still cameras used to detect fire, burglary, breaking and/or entering, intrusion, shoplifting, pilferage or theft. The license is for a specific classification (FIRE, BURGLAR, CCTV, MONITORING).

General Requirements:

Be at least 18 years of age
Be of good moral character
Be employed by a certified alarm contractor
Satisfy experience, education and examination requirements.
Experience & Educational Requirements:

Hold a 4 year baccalaureate degree in electrical engineering from an accredited university or college acceptable to the Board and have two years of experience in the alarm industry OR hold an associates degree in engineering technology from an accredited two-year technical college acceptable to the Board with at least four years of actual experience in the alarm industry OR hold a current certification by a national training program approved by the Board in the field of work to be installed, serviced or monitored and have at least five years working experience in the alarm industry covering the actual installation or monitoring of alarms.

Examination Requirements

Qualifying Agents must pass an examination designed to measure knowledge and competence in each classification for which they have applied.